Career in SWCC

  • Creating challenging and rewarding career opportunities.
  • Hiring ambitious and creative people of great competencies and talents to further participate in building a better future.
  • Continued development, capacity-building and skill training make up the bedrock of the governing relationship with the existing and potential staff through specialized training programs.
  • Attaching a special attention to areas of career advancement by providing favorably tremendous opportunities conducive for those with appropriate qualifications in the same specialty while in service.

Inspired by excellence, SWCC pays great attention to attracting and hiring employees with outstanding performance by providing rewarding and challenging professional opportunities. Taking such employment options to further steps, SWCC is particularly keen on giving the existing and potential staff commensurate opportunities to be success partners, with a special focus on capacity-building and competence development of human resources as number-one priorities. Taken together, SWCC is proudly committed to operating and maintaining all associated facilities by highlight qualified Saudi subject-matter experts and professionals. Efficiently empowered by the local human resources, the Saudi manpower makes up, among others, a strategic pillar in advancing economic development and growth. Of a great note, the job localization achieved in SWCC, termed in business administration SAUDIZATION, accounted for about 95% in 2020-2021.

Why to join SWCC?

How important it is to join SWCC!

Given the increasingly growing challenges facing the water sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and across the entire world, notoriously worsened by waves merciless drought, desertification and uncontrolled population growth, SWCC has blazed a trail to set off a new phase as to better anticipate the upcoming challenges, hence to work out innovative solutions in perfect harmony with international standards consistent with environmental sustainability to be the first creative contributor to achieving water safety for future generations.

To this effect, SWCC has come up with a pithy yet snappy slogan that reads: RACING AGAINST TIME FOR BETTER FUTURE. Inasmuch as the SWCC leading role, as expected, is not confined to providing fresh water to the Kingdom's population, nor is the SWCC driving ambition limited to achieving global leadership, SWCC seeks to further hire highly qualified, ambitious and creative people of great competencies and talents to be the SWCC success partners to better play a vital role over the upcoming phases.

HR and Human Capital Investment

SWCC has placed a special focus on continued development, capacity-building and skill training to further enhance the performance of the existing and potential staff through providing goal-oriented and advanced training programs, especially designed to raise efficiency standards. Here is a snapshot of the key achievements made by SWCC in HR and human capital training:

  • Training and developing the know-how skills of the staff in production systems and transmission systems on how to use state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the operation of the SWCC new systems, spearheaded by current human resources.
  • Providing on-job training for more than 5000 staff members at SWCC to enhance efficiency and develop their capabilities and skills in such an efficient manner as to achieve more development across all the SWCC facilities.
  • Fostering the level of awareness of the SWCC staff about cybersecurity through educational messages via the digital platform; about 4,000 SWCC staff members have successfully passed the awareness program.
  • Providing training for 6000 SWCC staff members on digital transformation systems.
  • Holding training courses for 237 SWCC staff members in project management across SWCC.
  • 10 HR professionals are qualified in Talent Motivational Analysis (TMA) and are awarded international accreditation.
  • Promoting digital learning by conducting remote training courses to ensure the development of continued learning competencies and behavioral skills.
  • Holding training courses in fire and safety for SWCC staff members across several plants.
HR Motivation and Social Responsibility

SWCC is as always keen to open areas of career development and advancement by encouraging the SWCC staff members to be engaged in continued education by providing job opportunities for those with academic qualifications in the same specialty while in service. Equally important, SWCC has also launched an experience training program, which aims to further provide Saudis with graduate degrees with a nine-month applied on-job

training program, not ending with employment, with the aim of developing the skills of graduates and providing them with job and subject-matter knowledge across various professional and technical areas.


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