About Investment

  • Investment is a key driver that achieves development goals in the Kingdom.
  • SWCC provides services on a commercially productive basis that efficiently competes with the local, regional and global markets.
  • Brine investment is a key area as it achieves sustainability goals.
Leading the Desalination Industry:

Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC) is considered to be the largest producer of water in the world, with an average daily production of 5.9 million m3. SWCC moves confidently towards increasing its daily production to reach 8 million m3 in 2025. SWCC also has a global presence in terms of research and water technology through its research institute, Water Technology Research Institute (WTRI). Also, SWCC has many patents, and has registered a world record in Guinness for being the lowest energy consumer with a figure of 2.27 Kw/m3. SWCC is leading the initiative in training and developing the work force in the water production sector through its Saudi Water Academy (SWA).

What are the services and investment opportunities offered by SWCC?

Investment Services

Engineering Services and Project Management:

Engineering Services and Project Management:
SWCC provides engineering services based on its specialized experiences in the water sector:

  • Technical consultation in desalination and transmission systems.
  • Projects execution supervision.
  • Verification and revision of desalination plants and transmission systems designs.
  • Specifications preparation of desalination plants and transmission systems.
  • Hydraulic studies and pipeline tracks study.
  • Research consultations in various fields including clean energy, water purification, and treatment plants.
Operation & Maintenance Services:

SWCC has more than 45 years of operation and maintenance experience for plants and transmission lines, in accordance with the highest standards and best practices, and a nationally qualified and trained workforce. SWCC extends its operation and maintenance services to plants and the provision of qualified human resources.

Equipment Maintenance:

SWCC has a long experience in maintenance, overhauling, and parts manufacturing. It possesses gigantic capabilities and modern equipment in its workshops stretching across the eastern and western coasts, managed by a highly-experienced technical team of the excellent practical caliber. This fully qualifies SWCC to provide maintenance services of the highest reliability. These maintenance services can be categorized as follows:

  • Welding & Welding Inspection (High-Pressure Welding, Fabrication, and W-NDT)
  • Machine Shop (Manufacturing spare parts, Metal Spray, and Portable Machining)
  • Valve Maintenance & Safety valve
  • Rotating Equipment Maintenance (Pumps, Compressors, and motors)
  • General power services (Cable Fault Locating, Circuit fault detection)

SWCC highly cares about the quality of produced water, and for this reason its laboratories boast a level of exceptional specialization and professionalism. This is why SWCC has developed its laboratories’ equipment, technologies, human resources, methods of analysis, and administrative regulations to a globally recognized status, and expanded its range of services on a commercial basis competing local, regional, and global markets with respect to the following services:

Central & Branch Laboratories (16 Laboratories over KSA)
Total Water Quality Analysis ((instant (1 hour) – 4 Days))
Environment Analysis (Water-Air)
Raw Chemical Material Analyses
Oil Analyses
R&DI Lab Laboratories
Advanced Total Water Quality Analyses
Specialized Environmental Analysis and Environmental Licensing Consultations.
Material Evaluation and Approval
Corrosion Studies and Tests
Membrane Dissection, Study and Efficiency
On-Site Analysis and Study (Mobile Laboratory)
Saudi Water Academy (SWA):
Human Capital Development

Forty years of experience in technical training and developing human resources to work in the industrial domain, under the tutelage of highly qualified national experts matching globally recognized training requirements. The Saudi Water Academy (SWA) is distinguished by its qualified training personnel and up-to-date training technologies and facilities that contribute to optimizing technical training standards, observed with professionalism and excellence in practical and theoretical training to develop national human resources and meet market needs along the following training streams:

Accessible Facilities

SWA’s facility holds different training classes, with various designs and sizes, in order to cater for all training needs. It also includes workshops and laboratories equipped with the best training means and up-to-date technologies. Here is a list for the clients wishing to benefit from such facilities:

Various sizes and layouts of fully equipped training halls
Computer, and languages labs
Various Simulation labs:
DCS – RO – MED – Electrical - etc.
Mechanical, machining, and welding training workshops
Electrical, and HVAC training workshops
Instrument training workshops
Chemistry La
SWCC Auditorium (600 Persons)
Virtual training classes

SWCC Investment Opportunities

Brine Mining:

SWCC is heading toward investing in brine coming out from desalination processes in all its plants. SWCC produces around 4 billion m3 of brine each year. Brine mining is considered to be a valuable investment opportunity in view of the high concentrations of salts and minerals it contains as follows:

Main Elements
Magnesium (Mg)
Calcium (Ca)
Sodium Chloride (NaCl)
Bromine (Br)
Lithium (Li)
Potassium (K)
Sulfate (SO42-)
SWCC’s (ZLD) technology:

SWCC has a registered patent in zero liquid discharge (ZLD) technology, which aims at extracting the valuable salts and minerals from brine and increasing the fresh water recovery up to 65%. This technology is distinguished for being environment-friendly and for its contribution in developing local content and industry in accordance with the kingdom’s 2030 vision.

Desalination industry localization:

SWCC has exerted fruitful efforts to nationalize industry and support national manufacture and local content, as well as leading the initiative to nationalize the desalination industry by inviting local and international investors to set up strategic partnerships and agreements in this regard. SWCC supports every investment aiming at nationalizing the desalination industry in Saudi Arabia, and offers all needed facilitation, consultations, and recommendations through deep strategic partnerships with investors, under the motto: Made in Saudi Arabia.

Portable desalination units:

Portable desalination units are a new product provided by SWCC to serve the entities in need of desalinated water. The production capacity for such units ranges from 2000 to 5000 m3 daily in order to meet clients’ various needs. Such units are operated by the environment-friendly reverse osmosis technology. The units have been set up and implemented according to the latest international specifications and standards to develop supply chains and reduce operation costs, as well as obtaining lucrative financial revenues. The units’ parts can be easily and smoothly disassembled and transported. Furthermore, the portable units are proudly a Saudi product, starting with the idea to its design and implementation and finally their operation by highly experienced Saudi nationals in the field of desalination. SWCC looks forward to creating new investment partnerships in the field of portable desalination units.

Directory of Investment Services