Local Content

One of SWCC’s initiatives in the National Transformation Program to achieve Vision 2030 is building the Local Content capabilities in the Kingdom through the establishment of the General Department of Local Content. SWCC has been keen to ensure that its projects and initiatives support the precise directions provided by our wise leadership. With this in mind, the desalination industry is set to be a key driver to empower future economic developments.

This project aims to establish a digital system through which local content department has been enabled. The LC department has consolidated a close relationship with local manufacturers and investors. It has helped to optimize the local industrial sector and institutions, as suppliers of SWCC's procurement contracts and projects. This in turn, increases job localization and training for the Saudi workforce and ensures knowledge transfer - to achieve the following goals:

  1. Apply the Local Content, SMEs, and Listed Companies’ preference policy on all of its operational and capital expenditures
  2. Create a digital portal that caters for the local industry to best facilitate a two-way communication between SWCC and local manufacturers in an attractive and enticing business environment
  3. Register local manufacturers and suppliers in the SWCC SAP database
  4. Provide information about the SWCC support for local manufacturers and suppliers, while sharing the SWCC relevant activities across various areas
  5. Create ample and attractive investment opportunities on the digital portal for local content, such as opportunities for services, equipment, spare parts, chemicals and raw materials
  6. Showcase successful local industries and entrepreneurs stories
  7. Develop various reports about the number of visitors to the LC website: the number of inquiries received by the administration through the system, and the number of investment opportunities offered
Local Content