Industrial Security Services

To well maintain the sustainability of water security,

  • We have enhanced industrial security services across all our vital facilities;
  • We constantly secure our vital facilities and preserve their safety according to the highest safety and security standards;
  • We have trained our staff on the latest methods and defense means to address potential threats;
  • We have developed an integrated, standardized and flexible security system for better crisis management;
  • We observe and comply with all security regulations and laws issued by the competent authorities;
  • We have achieved 100% safety in work environment for facilities and individuals.

Fresh water is indispensable for humanity; the world becomes lifeless without water. More importantly, water security is the most important component of national security when assessed from a comprehensive national perspective. Water management is now seen as one of the key drivers for stability in that water scarcity is one of the most threatening risks facing societies over the following years. This necessitates the authorities concerned with fresh water resources to particularly focus on water facility protection and maintenance methods of security and safety against any expected threats that may loom large on the horizon, which may consequently affect the mechanisms of providing citizens with water necessary for life. With this mind, it has become critically necessary for SWCC to attach a special attention to such a formidable responsibility as to protect SWCC vital facilities and to ensure their perfect safety. To this effect, SWCC has adopted the best practices and the highest standards, according to a systematic and proactive strategy that seamlessly identifies the risks to which SWCC facilities may be exposed, hence to assess the degree of risks, and determine the appropriate response mechanisms to address any existing or potential threats, while achieving the SWCC strategic goals. Taken together, SWCC has established Industrial Security Department, which is mandated and entrusted with developing strategies and policies to best protect the SWCC security and all associated facilities. It is also tasked with developing methodologies, tools and methods to identify and assess risks and treatment mechanisms and approaches.

Industrial Security Administration

The Industrial Security Department, among others, is associated with SWCC, follows preventive measures across SWCC and associated facilities, which aim to protect the human resources from job-related risks, preserve property from disasters and hazards, while ensuring continued production by providing a safe work environment, free from hazards, accidents, and injuries.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Industrial Security Department protects and monitors the SWCC mega projects, including the desalination plants installed along the coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the water pipelines that run along the coasts, deserts and mountains, along with SWCC facilities, such as reservoirs, pumping plants, residential and administrative complexes and several others, taking into account the intricacies of the various terrain of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Industrial Security Department is a key link between the SWCC General Administration and associated sites and facilities to receive any security instructions or guidelines, hence to develop programs related to industrial security, which would reduce the risks that may impact SWCC and associated facilities. Industrial security programs contribute to:

  • Identifying regional changes, impact on technological and organizational development, expanding the network of communication between manufacturers, establishments and related parties and enriching knowledge and expertise in industrial security.

  • Developing integrated, standardized and flexible security plans by the Industrial Security Department and Environment, while linking such plans to the Crisis Management Center.

  • Monitoring the compliance of the SWCC associated sites and facilities with the rules and regulations issued by the competent authorities and the Ministry of Interior, fostering awareness of security and safety requirements, and reducing risks.

  • Providing the necessary equipment to protect the plants from threats, developing security plans and programs and providing SWOT analyses of future projects of the facilities in terms of security considerations.

  • Training employees on the latest methods and techniques for addressing risks, and managing the affairs of guard personnel according to organized schedules to protect water installations and facilities.

  • Putting into action the security procedures and inspection of industrial facilities, and submitting reports accordingly.

Initiatives and Activities

Inspired to realize excellence, provide security and safety for facilities and individuals, maintain continued production from threats, SWCC has executed many activities and innovative initiatives in industrial security services and programs, including:

  • In close coordination with the security authorities, SWCC has carried out intensive training to monitor drones and weapons;

  • The Industrial Security Department has executed a set of training initiatives for employees on staff across all work sites and desalination plants, reinforced by a field visit to department directors in Riyadh and Jazan Regions to determine the latest preparations and efforts.

  • The Industrial Security Department has executed special training courses for security personnel on how to monitor drones in all the desalination sites, to be well-alerted to such threats at all times, and how to faultlessly address such threatening situations, fill out the relevant forms and send them to the security authorities after informing them by phone, in addition to establishing a hot line linked to industrial stations, and the establishment of a joint operation unit in cooperation with security patrols, in addition to training industrial security on weapons and aircraft monitoring.

  • Over the past years, SWCC carried out a simulation exercise on the forced cessation of desalination plants in Jubail and Ras Al-Khair, as a result of a simultaneous aggressive act that caused suspension of water and electricity production, which in turn brought about challenges to the supply of desalinated drinking water to the regions of Riyadh, Qassim and Hafar Al-Batin.

  • SWCC has contracted with a specialized company to implement a project to supply bulletproof jackets to protect the security men of the plants and transportation systems.

  • SWCC has contracted with a specialized company to install marine barriers in the Jubail, Ras Al-Khair, Al-Khobar, Khafji, Al-Shuqaiq and Farasan Plants, and conducting technical analyses. Authorization was approved and issued for surveillance and CCTV cameras along with hydraulic and concrete barriers to be installed and mounted across all plants and transmission systems.

  • Work is in progress to establish facilities security headquarters in many regions, such as Riyadh, the Eastern Region, Medina, the Northern Region, and Makkah.

SWCC Commitment Desalination Industry Development

Developed by SWCC to well protect water security in the Kingdom, this strategy emphasizes the SWCC commitment to developing the desalination industry across all areas, maintaining sustainability, and efficiently contributing to achieving the ambitious goals of Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, engineered to best contribute to providing innovative solutions to current and future threats and challenges, relating to water industry.

Fresh water is an indispensable wealth; making it accessibly available has become more challenging due to population growth and climate change. Against a backdrop of water scarcity, desalinated seawater is a very important resource in terms of meeting the needs of the Kingdom's population, and modern economies that have become dependent on desalination. Challenges of water supply may loom large on the horizon, Allah forbidden, for long periods. If this sneaks into reality, it will unfortunately have dire consequences that threaten political and social stability, which calls for conducting continued research studies and looking feasibly for preventive measures and procedures that guarantee water security for all, hence to develop operational plans for the proposed confrontation scenarios.

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