Social Responsibility

SWCC has attached utmost importance to social responsibility, as clearly reflected in many initiatives; it launched the Experience Training Program, which aims to provide Saudi graduates who have been awarded university degrees a nine-month job training program to better develop job-related skills of the target trainees and further provide them with functional and subject-matter knowledge in various professional and technical areas.

SWCC has also achieved remarkably impressive results in motivating human resources by opening areas of career development and advancement, while encouraging the SWCC employees on staff to learn more about their roles and responsibilities. This has set the stage for creating favorably ample job opportunities for those with academic qualifications in the same specialty while working and establishing an incubator for the distinctive ideas of SWCC in several areas by implementing an initiative known as (I HAVE MORE), which is supported by the well-established (EXPERTS CLUB) to develop a culture of knowledge sharing and encourage the transfer of practical skills and experiences to bolster SWCC business activities and achieve optimal sustainability.